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Computer-Aided Translation (CAT)

We use CAT tools such as Trados, SDLX or Transit to achieve higher translation throughput, ensure consistency with previously translated documents and cut costs.

Any translation entered by any of our translators is saved to a translation memory and can be reused in subsequent translations. This results in higher throughput and considerable cost savings since only new and changed sentences have to be translated and paid for.

Terminology Management

Terminology management, along with the use of CAT tools, plays an important role in achieving accurate and consistent translation results. We make sure our translators stick to our client's corporate terminology while new terms along with suggested translations are submitted to our client for review.

Document Formats

We are able to process many common document formats such as Microsoft Office, FrameMaker, HTML and more.


Delivery is generally effected by email. Should confidentiality be an issue, other means of communications such as FTP can be used.


We generally charge per source word, with rates depending on subject matter and other considerations. Customization, validation and related work may be charged by the hour. Payment will generally be effected by wire transfer or PayPal.